US Casino Industry Booming on Independence Day

    Spending part of your Independence Day celebrations in a casino need not include a trip to a brick-and-mortar joint; you could very well play online video poker from the comfort of your own homes. Independence Day celebrations are traditionally associated with drinking and celebrations. While on the topic of alcohol consumption, we must also remind our inebriated fellowmen that this national holiday also has the highest rate of drunk driving incidents occurring in the US. In spite of this, let us not forget the essence of this special event, the day where we all celebrate and  enjoy our independence and all the privileges and responsibilities that comes with our freedom. It is also a day that brings to the fore everything that involves festivities and celebration. Thus gambling has entered the picture to become an annual part of our Independence Day festivities.

Online Video Poker

Video Poker is one of those casino games with a history which is richer than most would expect. It still existed during the age of the earliest slot machines and was a thrill even then.


The world witnessed an internet boom in the 20th Century and this facilitated taking the video poker experience online. When you play online video poker it takes nothing away from the live casino video poker experience. The cards are dealt in the same manner as they would be on the floor of a casino on the strip. In fact, they combine the accumulated data from tons of games and then use that information to give you in essence, a more thrilling and more often, rewarding gaming experience. You can also join a community of enthusiasts of this game and learn more about the fascinating word of online video poker.

How to play video poker depends on whether you could play the same game on a real-life poker video machine. The rules are all the same, the only difference being that the player has a mouse for buttons in the online version. Either way, getting to play video poker for a rookie is as simple as going through the tutorial in order to understand the basics before learning how to play the game. What’s more? It is now possible to play free video poker thanks to competition among its providers.

The 4th of July and Casinos

The Independence Day federal holiday has, for the longest time, coincided with a sharp increase in gambling rates. This means that the holiday sees more people gamble more than during the Christmas holidays, or all the other holidays combined. Casino attendance numbers increase significantly during this period but the gambling rate is highest among the online gambling community.

Online video poker offers the players the thrill of a casino from the comfort of their homes. What’s more? The online gambling experience goes down well with alcohol, given that a huge portion of Americans will be drinking on that day. This begs the question, Do people bet more when inebriated? The answer may be yes but this should not be considered to be the sole reason why more video poker is played online on this holiday as compared to other holidays and other ordinary days. A heads-up gambling tip would be to minimize alcohol consumption when playing at high stakes games which involve cash or its equivalent in value as your wagers.

Beverage Consumption and the 4th of July

It is interesting to note the correlation between beverage consumption and the casino industry on the fourth of July. Beverage sales spike around the fourth of July. Everything from powdered juice to alcohol shoots off the shelves of supermarkets and liquor stores around the country. That is a fact that applies to every market segment regardless of its ‘spending power’.

Non-alcoholic beverage drinkers gamble considerably more than the people who gamble when drinking alcohol. The main difference that could be seen as the defining trait between people who gamble when drinking alcoholic beverages and those that do not is that a significantly greater percentage of drunk gamblers find their way into brick-and-mortar casinos.

This trend is replicated even on the Las Vegas strip and is considered to mean that it is not a matter of there not being enough casinos to hold the entire gambling population on Independence Day. Research proves that the casino industry has a tendency of targeting the alcohol-drinking market segment. Taking this into account, it can be safely concluded that many people (especially those who partake of non-alcoholic beverages) stay at home and prefer to gamble online.

If you are looking for the thrill with no pressure losing, you can always get access to free video poker online. This also gives you the window of opportunity to learn some very important rules and get a feel of the game at no financial risk whatsoever. Moreover, who knows, you might even earn a video poker bonus while at it. Keep on playing guys, till next year!

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