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How to Play Craps?

   Casino craps is a dice game and it is played on table and two dice are used. The dice are watched regular intervals, if any damage is there or not. The dice should be replaced about eight hours of use and the game has rules the player must handles the rules properly. The player should be in either Pass line or the Don’t Pass line.

How to Play Craps

The player is presented with five dice and two must be used and the other ones are returned to the stickman. The player handle the dice with one hand and it should hit the other side of the table. In that case one or two dice may go out of the table means it should be checked by the stickman before use whether it is damaged or not. The game is divided into rounds and each round is divided into two phases called come out and Point. The new game is started when the current player does not make any points.