The Winners!

And the winners of X48 2010 Huddersfield are…

Overall prize

1st: Birthday Cake with Arrogant Incas
2nd: Team Awesome with Giggas
3rd: UoD with Tetriangle

Special prizes

Best Art: Salt Pepper Done with Impossible Tusk
Most Experimental: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Oohh Shiny Prize: Krunch Bunch
The Unashamedly Recycled Game Prize: Drop Dead Interactive with Faceless Corporation
Most Unfinshed Game: Naked Cow with Torchlight

Well done all!

Many more photos and videos to come in the next day or so.

6 Responses to “The Winners!”

  1. Blore Says:

    In defence to our plagiarism prize, our pong/breakout & space invaders rip offs were just mini games encompassed by our game, still, had a fantastic time and hope to return next year when i’m a little bit wiser and more experienced with xna.

  2. Pete Ashton Says:

    Hi Blore,

    Sorry, my bad. It wasn’t a prize for “plagarism”, it was a prize for “recycling” which is a nobel thing when done well, and you did it well. Have corrected the post.

  3. Henry Hoffman Says:

    Well done everyone - it was a fantastic event.

    I thought it was incredible how Arrogant Incas created something so polished - really awesome stuff. For me Tetriangle seems like the game I’d have the most fun playing - though I haven’t seen all the other games yet (but am eagerly waiting)

    We were hidden away in the corner most of the time so I’m not sure any of the other teams saw our teams (Krunch Bunch) game. Some info, art and animation can be found here:

    Looking forward to the next x48!

  4. Oli Says:

    I thought the prize was for most innovative, rather than most experimental? congrats to the winners cant wait to play the games!

  5. Pete Ashton Says:

    This happened last time. The awards were announced and in the chaos of exhaustedly packing everything up I managed to get the details slightly but significantly wrong.

    Will double check with Toby and Richard when they emerge.

  6. Oli Says:

    Hey here’s a trailer I made of “standing on the shoulders of giants” - winner of “most experimental game” for anyone who’s interested!

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