Mike’s 6am reports

Mike Reddy posted a few thoughts to Twitter around 4am which serves as a nice snapshot of where the teams were at.

  • Best interaction so far with game pad rumble to grow/shrink stress bunnies. 2nd is Hannibal elephant ballista wind up with joystick
  • Best new mechanic so far is Krunch Bunch with ego Missile Command but several really close, like cool tron cycle cut out tower building
  • Gas Giant has nice feeling star growing flight but Shoulders has excellent fly round mechanic. There’s a religion conversion sim masher
  • Red giant has really cool cargo resource management mech (best strategy?) but Giant Ego Racing Game has really cool player griefing.
  • Some other promising ones but earlier didn’t have much to show.

And then around 8am:

  • Ok, with 7 hours to go, many games coming together, a few suddenly broken by tired programmers, some just on the edge of emerging

Also, here’s a bit screengrab of some gameplay from Harry Overs of Team Hull:

Team Hull gameplay

What do you think?