And the winners are…

The games were submitted, the judges judged and the results were announced a few minutes ago.

First the category awards:

  • For Best Art, Black Banshee from Huddersfield
  • For Innovation, Plan B from Derby
  • For Best Audio, BUGS from Brunel Uni
  • For Best Cheeky Reuse of Stuff, Sanguine Labs from Bournemouth
  • For Lateness, the Brofessionals from Bath
  • For Good Intentions, i++; from Aberystwyth

Video footage explaining what those categories actually mean will follow later.

Now the winners in reverse order.

  • 3rd place goes to Need More Big Bears from Teeside
  • 2nd place goes to DevSoc from Nottingham Trent Uni
  • and 1st place goes to the quite wonderful DOT game by Fishtank from Aberystwyth.

Again, video footage to follow.

Thanks to all the teams for their absurd levels of work and commitment, to the judges, our hosts at BCU and everyone else. It’s been real.

5 Responses to “And the winners are…”

  1. Dan Says:

    [Dan asked me to remove his comment as he was suffering from sleep deprivation, which is fair enough!]

  2. Pete Ashton Says:

    @Dan - Sorry about that - have corrected it. I was working off a hastily scrawled scrap of paper and Toby’s handwriting was rather indecipherable. ;)

  3. Karsten Says:

    @Dan - Settle down and get some sleep

    The x48 gave us a great chance to get together and start work on our entry to the Imagine Cup 2010

  4. Game Central » Blog Archive » X48 hours later Says:

    [...] If you want to catch up on the weekends action then visit the X48 blog, Flickr, Vimeo, and tweets. A full list of prizes and winners can be found on the official X48 site. [...]

  5. matt harrington Says:

    here’s one of the losing teams:

    Team RaaR

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