The year is 2152 and the evolution of the human species is on the brink of total extinction, after surviving on planet earth for over 4 million years with no major epidemics or world catastrophes in the last 4,000 years.

Yet in 2139 a global super virus wiped out 95% of the human population in less than a decade, but still the fight for this marvelous species continues… small pockets fo human life still remain and continue to struggle to find a way out of this mess. One man thinks he has a solution, Dr Paul Gallington, inventor of what was to be his mark on history before the virus hit: The Time Suit.

After a lifetime dedicated to his work, Paul is willing to risk his own life to try and change the course of history. Dr. Galligton won’t just go back to try adn stop the super virus, but instead go back much further in time and deliver marginal world crisis to make human kind evolve to grow immune to the super virus, and hopefully limit the damage that is certain to occur.

Tom Spankie
Chris Rickett
Sam Birch
Cheung Lap Pun

33.1M .zip file

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