The objective is to guide “Goldy” the mutant goldfish through major eras in history and reach his maximum evolutionary potential. To do this you must survive the ravages of the sea, which requires skill and adaption.

Here survival of the fittest is key, and to become the fittest you need to collect colour matched proteins to advance your DNA. Points are gained by collecting the correct molecules, and lost for incorrect ones. After beating the game the amount of proteins that you have accumulated are counted and act as a multiplier for your base score.

Jay Walton - Programmer
Dan Fitchie - Artist

29.7M .zip file

IMPORTANT: Please read the System Requirements

Once you've downloaded and unzipped the file, click on 'Seavolution.exe' to play. Then, once you've played the game, please share your thoughts with the developers and X48 team here

Seavolution Game Demo from X48 Vimeo Group.


Seavolution In Development...

Here are some videos taken over the course of X48 by the X48 organisers and mentors on their Flip camcorders, showing the team developing their winning game...

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An Interview with Dan and Jay

How are you feeling post-X48?
Dan: Saturday was a bit of a blur to me, and trying to go out on Saturday night to celebrate was a bad shout…

Was it worth the slog?
Dan: Most definitely, one of the best experiences of my life for me so far. Hopefully something will come from it ☺
Jay: Definitely, has to be one of the most stressful and intense things I have done, but the reward for succeeding out weigh the cost.

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