You control an Orbi, helping it to grow and progress in a dangerous world. You grow by absorbing similar Orbi, or destroying smaller/weaker ones. Break into smaller chains to increase fire power, or merge together to become big and fast, increasing your Evo Points and evolving to higher levels of play.

Ben Hinchliffe - Team Lead/Designer/Producer
David North - Lead Artist/Artwork
Karl Miston - Lead Programming/GamePlay
Adrian Smith - AI Programming

11.7M .zip file

IMPORTANT: Please read the System Requirements

Once you've downloaded and unzipped the file, click on 'Involved.exe' to play. Then, once you've played the game, please share your thoughts with the developers and X48 team here

Involved Game Demo from the X48 Vimeo Group.


Involved In Development

Here are some videos taken over the course of X48 by the X48 organisers and mentors on their Flip camcorders, showing the team developing their winning game...

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An Interview With Team Leader Ben...

What did you gain from the experience and what do you hope will come from it?
I think it really showed us all how much we can actually do when we set out minds to it. I’m still amazed at the quality of the game we managed to create! I'm not really sure what I hope will come from it, I really want to start up my own games studio when I finish University, so maybe this will be a title we release :) With a lot more work obviously.

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