Evolutionary! Is a new breed of educational game, designed to introduce the complex subject of Darwin’s theory of evolution to a young audience, through the series of increasingly challenging platform games.
The game incorporates an accurate timeline, to inform and educate players on how the world once was, and how it has change to become the world around us.

The game charts the evolution of man, starting with a single cell organism, then a prehistoric fish, the first amphibians, early mammals, primates, ‘cavemen’, until ultimately the player arrives at the modern day!
The core game mechanic is built around the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’ – although the player may not play the largest or strongest of creatures, they must use all of the skills available to them to prove that they are worthy of evolution.

The challenge of the game comes from adapting to a variety of game modes, as with each stage of evolution new options will become available. This means that tactics previously used have to be unlearned, and the player will have to evolve with the game itself!

Programmer: Stuart Walton
Character Design: Michael Lambourne
Level Design: Robert Sanderson
Research/Assistant Designer: Gareth Mekwinski

All Coding produced by Stuart Watson
Player Character Designs and Animations by Michael Lambourne
Level Designs by Robert Sanderson
Enemy Character Designs by Gareth Mekwinski
Documentation produced by Gareth Mekwinski and Robert Sanderson, with contributions from all the team!
Game Assets produced by Michael Lambourne, Robert Sanderson & Gareth Mekwinski

29.1M .zip file

IMPORTANT: Please read the System Requirements

Once you've downloaded and unzipped the file, click on the .exe file to play. Then, once you've played the game, please share your thoughts with the developers and X48 team here

Evolutionary Game Demo from the X48 Vimeo Group.

Evolutionary Development...

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