Evo Fighter is a Street Fighter-esque game with a Darwinian twist.The player starts off as a small primate at the beginning of human evolution. By landing punches during a fight, the player can increase their ‘Evolution Meter’ until it is maxed out and an evolution to the next stage is initiated. There are three evolutions available to the player in this prototype game: Primate, Neanderthal, and Modern-day Human.

Evolutions happen during each fight and the level of evolution is not carried on to the next fight. There is currently only one species in the game, however, further species have been discussed with the possibility of adding them at a later stage of the game’s development. As a player evolves (in single player mode), the scenery changes to reflect appropriate habitats for the character’s evolutionary state.

Game Design: Craig Dickman, Robert Eagle, Robert Hubbucks, Harry Overs
Artwork: Robert Eagle, Robert Hubbucks
Main Game Code and Algorithms: Craig Dickman, Harry Overs

Sounds Courtesy of freesound.org
Jungle image courtesy of xphunt3r.blogspot.com/
Special thanks to XNA Creators Club website

16.3M .zip file

IMPORTANT: Please read the System Requirements

Once you've downloaded and unzipped the file, click on the .exe file to play. Then, once you've played the game, please share your thoughts with the developers and X48 team here

Evofighter Game Demo from the X48 Vimeo Group



Evo Fighter In Development

Here are some videos taken over the course of X48 by the X48 organisers and mentors on their Flip camcorders, showing the team developing their game...

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