The game is derived from the concept of the coined ‘singularity’ with a cheesy twist. The evil conglomeration of an artificially intelligent mutated agent, robot manufacturing plant and cheese, sets the scene. The agent, from herein known as the ‘Cheese Monster’, forms itself a robotic casing and a time machine with which he intends to reverse the entire process of evolution and all existence.

Our hero, the nerdy programmer and creator of the original agent, notices a bug after releasing the alpha version. He predicts with a 0.87 degree of credibility that its intention is apocalyptic in terms of existential despair, and a 0.98 degree of plausibility for pro-creationism.

Alex Belovs
Marek Ososinski
Shisheng Wang -"Vaughan"
Peter Scully

XNA SpriteSheet tutorial/ sample set.

776K .zip file

IMPORTANT: Please read the System Requirements

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D-volution In Development...

Here are some videos taken over the course of X48 by the X48 organisers and mentors on their Flip camcorders, showing the team developing their game...

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